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My dear colleagues and friends in China, this is Danny Shechtman from Israel. I send all of you my warmest empathy in these trying times. My heart and thoughts are with you these days. I know from my communications with some of you and from the media about the mobility restrictions designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus epidemic and the many other measures China is taking to best control the current crisis. It will take some more time until this is all over.
We are all concerned about the spread of the epidemic in China and in other countries, and affirm the measures taken by all levels of Chinese government to contain epidemic. I admire the commitment and measures taken to control the spread of the Corona virus, the lives saving work by physicians and medical teams and the solidarity shown by the Chinese people in these epidemic situation. I'm sure that the measure taken will gradually stop the spread of the virus.
This breakout is an alarming call for a long-term prevention measures and solutions to such epidemics. Research should be very well supported to develop vaccine and medications to prevent and effective control virus spreading, and to heal the infected patients. Material scientists can also help by developing virus killing mass materials and anti-virus surface coatings.
I wish my many friends and colleagues in China fast recovery from this situation. Please stay well and safe. See you all soon on happy occasions. Your friend and colleague, Danny Shechtman.